Which geographical areas do you cover?2021-08-30T13:05:13+01:00

Currently, we provide help at home for people who live in the central belt of Scotland.

VIRTUAL (online/telephone)
We are also in the process of creating a remote package of support that can be offered to people within 1-4 hours travel of Edinburgh which will be available in 2022.

CloudsEnd CIC

Do you carry out house clearances?2021-08-19T21:14:50+01:00

Life-Pod is not a cleaning nor a house clearance company – during the support appointments we will work with clients and can remove any unwanted small items from their home. If we believe a house clearance is required, or if there is a high volume of items that need to be removed and the client agrees then we can arrange for a specialist company to do house clearance or skip hire if required.
Any such additional requirements would need to be funded by the client.

Do you have a waiting list?2021-08-19T21:14:01+01:00

We do often have waiting lists but please contact us to find out the current waiting list period.

How long do you work with people?2021-08-19T21:09:11+01:00

This depends on multiple factors and will be discussed with you during the assessment, but typically clients will receive support for many months or even years.

What is the cost for your service?2021-08-19T21:05:26+01:00

Our services are charged at £42 per hour [effective from 1 April 2020].

This rates includes all reasonable travel costs, provision of PPE for practitioners and refuse bags for removal of items.

The above rate is exclusive of VAT (if applicable).

Can I access funding to pay for your services?2021-08-19T21:07:58+01:00

We work with many clients who receive funding through their Local Authority so suggest you make contact with your local Social Work Department to see if funding is available.

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